Thomas Norsworthy - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Norsworthy has been a finance and insurance professional for over 30 years. He most recently served (2008-2017) as a member of the Board of Directors of Syncora Holdings Ltd. (“Syncora”), a financial guaranty insurer in run-off. He also served as Chairman of Syncora’s Audit Committee.

Mr. Norsworthy has over 25 years of extensive insurance run-off and related capital markets experience. He has been retained by both shareholders and regulators to troubleshoot and manage property casualty insurers and reinsurers requiring remediation and stabilization. In this capacity Mr. Norsworthy has served as acting Chief Executive Officer for several companies including Trenwick America, where he reduced the company’s liabilities, profitably commuted ceded reinsurance and achieved favorable improvement in risk based capital results, and at Lincoln General where, in collaboration with the state regulator, he implemented a plan of private run-off and asset and liquidity conservation.

Prior to these run-off engagements Mr. Norsworthy served as Chief Financial Officer of Swiss Re’s private equity and capital management unit, Swiss Re Capital Partners.

He was also a founding member and Chief Financial Officer of the management team that acquired the run-off balance sheet of Crum & Foster from Xerox Corporation. Over a six year period, the team worked with private equity partners to reduce and stabilize the operation that was then successfully sold to Fairfax Financial.

Mr. Norsworthy began his career as a chartered accountant with Price Waterhouse & Co. in Canada and as a certified public accountant in the insurance group of Price Waterhouse in the US.


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